Web Design

Web design

In late 2019, I worked part time for News Media Canada, which represents Canada’s news media industry, to support their annual Engaged and Connected, the National Newspaper Week industry ad campaigns, their new SPOT Fake News campaign and Local Journalism Initiative.

Reporting to the Director of Marketing and Research, I used WP Bakery page builder to create the landing page and campaign ad material downloads pages for SPOT Fake News Online, which is a national, bilingual media literacy tool for Canadians and advertising campaign for News Media Canada members.

Reporting to the Director of Marketing and Research, I updated 2019 Engaged and Connected campaign pages, updated site menus. Duplicated pages into French, uploaded translated material. I was asked to create the 2019 National Newspaper week page, and Publishers Toolkit page, National Newspaper Week carrier appreciation day page with downloads.

Reporting to the Director of the Local Journalism Initiative, I collaborated and ideated on pages, content and aesthetic for News Media Canada’s LJI micro-site. I also wrote content for for the About, How It Works, News, 2019 Judging Panel, Advisory Committee, Judges, Reporters, 2019 Reporters, FAQ for Reporters, News Organizations, Become a Host Newsroom, 2020 Host Newsrooms, FAQ for Newsrooms, Apply, Glossary, Resources pages. In collaboration with the Director, Local Journalism Initiative, I wrote draft application form, draft application guidelines, call for applications press release.

I also ideated, wrote and distributed LJI bulletins to News Media Canada membership using using the MailPoet plug-in, on topics including: what is an underserved community, who is eligible for the Local Journalism Initiative, how do I apply, Creative Commons License, and aims of Local Journalism Initiative.

Since its launch in 2019, this initiative that I helped with funded approximately 500 jobs for Local Journalism Initiative journalists across Canada.