In 2023, I taught material from the approved redeveloped curriculum for 3157: Advanced Practices in Multimedia Storytelling. I connected with learners weekly using Quercus, announcements, webinars and a discussion forum. I conducted live webinars and delivered content, case studies and learning activities.

As a Teaching Assistant in Toronto Metropolitan's journalism school in 2022, I helped students in their reporting for Ontherecordnews.ca, a daily student news website. As a TA, I helped students develop and write story pitches with a solid angle, background research, sources, contact information and treatment. I provided feedback on story pitches, help students narrow down their story angles, find background information and sources, and explained why stories are newsworthy and relevant to their audience. I provided sources for student stories, including diverse voices to ensure more accurate and complete stories that more fully reflected and informed readers. I provided story ideas for students with strong angles, background research and list of sources for quick-turn around.

Additionally, I helped students learn how to use WordPress and Adobe InDesign, and oversaw the production of several pre-packaged explainer videos created by students leading up to the 2022 municipal election.

As a Teaching Assistant in Carleton’s journalism school in 2014-2015, I monitored, edited, graded and assessed student work over three semesters. Centretown News was the fourth-year newspaper workshop designed to prepare students for work in a newsroom, giving them experience in publishing a newspaper. As a TA, I taught students how to use and work with InDesign, and guided them through the pagination and production of a bi-weekly newspaper. I facilitated weekly story meetings and responded to students’ questions and concerns, and aimed at all times to maintain a positive, inclusive and diverse learning environment.

Auditing and developing curriculum

In 2023, I conducted an In & Out audit for University of Toronto's School of Continuing Studies. I conducted a comprehensive audit of an existing adult learning course, identified areas for improvement to enhance learning outcomes and participant engagement. I developed a strategic plan for the redevelopment of the adult learning course, aligning the curriculum with industry best practices and incorporating learner-centered approaches.

I updated the course outline, core content and curated resources and created course-level learning outcomes, module-level learning outcomes and a module design plan. I created new modules with accompanying assessments, readings and group project.

Creating and editing curriculum

As the Researcher and Program Coordinator for the Canadian Association of Journalists' Misinfo101, I edited the curriculum for this national workshop series for post-secondary students across Canada. I was responsible for the web page content, for newsletter and social media content. I created graphics for all of the above.In collaboration with the curriculum developers, I created a section of the curriculum on misinformation in Canada. I researched and fact-checked the curriculum, added references, and sourced visuals. 

I researched and recruited instructors for training workshops from provinces and territories, and coordinated venue logistics with post-secondary institutions (COVID-19 permitting). I created an instructor package which included an introduction, course description, learning outcomes, notes, links and other pertinent information for workshop instructors. Based off the curriculum, I created a PowerPoint presentation for the local instructors, which was given by instructors in 13 cities across Canada.
Based off the curriculum and presentation and a good deal of research, I wrote, formatted, and edited the national Misinfo101 guide.
Finally, I created communications materials related to the project, including newsletter and social media copy and launch documents including newsletter text, a poster, press release and social copy.

Teaching Interests

Research: innovation in media business models, analysisof issues facing journalism today, including but not limited to business models, financial realities in Canadian journalism, inclusion and culture, impact of disinformation and misinformation.

Teaching Subjects: journalism and innovation, journalism business model transformation, revenue streams, foundations and fundamentals of journalism, feature writing, copy editing, the gig economy.


Certificate in Teaching Assistants Skills, Carleton, 2015


Adult Learning Fundamentals, George Brown College, May 2023

- Successfully completed George BrownCollege's “Adult Learning Fundamentals” course, gaining core principles and practices in adult education.
- Demonstrated commitment to professionalgrowth through successful completion of intensive online program.
- Applied acquired knowledge to design engaging adult learning experiences.
- Fostered learner engagement and centered approach based on course insights.
- Actively participated in discussionsand collaborative activities, deepening understanding of adult learning theories.


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